AI Machine Learning

Do Now! On a sheet of paper, write down 3 targets for the lesson. Use the examples below.

Do Now Extra: On the back of the paper, draw a Computer of the Future. What features will it have?

Classroom Expectations. Choose 3 targets for the lesson

  • One voice
  • Stay on task
  • No phones
  • Stay in your seat
  • Try your best
  • Ask for help
  • Be positive
  • Be confident with the topic

Lesson Overview : Artificial Intelligence : Machine Learning

Task 1 : Play AI for Oceans for (15 minutes)

Task 2 : Review AI for Oceans

Task 3 : Self driving cars problem?

Learning Objective / Knowledge Intention

Students will be able to:

  • Discuss the role artificial intelligence plays in their lives.
  • Train and test a machine learning model.
  • Reason about how human bias plays a role in machine learning.

Learning Outcome / Knowledge Gained

Complete AI for Oceans for

Task 1 : AI for Oceans on

Click here to play AI for Oceans

Task 2 Moral Question

A self-driving car is travelling towards a zebra crossing. There are three people on the crossing on the cars side, and one person on the crossing on the other side.

The car’s brakes fail. The computer must decide whether to continue on the left of the road, potentially injuring people, or turn right, potentially injuring one person.


Description automatically generated

(a) Choose whether you would program the car to;

  • stay in the left lane
  • or switch to the right lane.

Explain why you made this choice.

Left lane or right lane:

Reason for choice:

(b) The car now encounters a situation where it has the following choice:

  • Keep moving forward and risk running over a pigeon
  • Turn to avoid the pigeon, mount the kerb and burst the car tyre.

Choose whether you would program the car to keep moving forward or turn to
avoid the pigeon. Explain why you made this choice.

Keep moving forward, or turn and avoid the pigeon:

Reason for choice:

Plan for a Music Festival Website

Classroom Expectations

  • One voice
  • Stay on task
  • No phones
  • Stay in your seat
  • Try your best
  • Ask for help
  • Be positive
  • Be confident with the topic

Do Now! On a piece of paper, write down 3 of the above targets for the lesson

If you have more time : Imagine the year is 2030. What will your computer be like? Draw or describe all the features of your computer.

Learning Objective

Plan to make a website about a music festival

Learning outcome

Create a mindmap of ideas using

Create page plans using presentation software (MS PowerPoint or Google Slides)

Before we start, let’s recap on our previous lesson about the 4 P’s of marketing

We will now plan our ideas. At this stage we considered the following

  1. What is the NAME of your festival?
  2. Which venue should you use for your festival?
  3. Who is your ideal audience?
  4. What is your ideal target market?
  5. What will you sell in the stalls? (food, drink, clothes, etc)
  6. What will the attractions include? (how many stages, singers, etc.)

Task 1 : Mind Map on

Let’s use a mind map to draw a plan. I have chosen some online software called

Choose a circle layout

Create your plan, something like this

Task 2 Page Plans

Now that you have a plan, start to create some pages using MS PowerPoint or Google Slides

Task 3 How will it look?

Look at these websites


Make a Quiz in Scratch (Topic AI)

Scratch Online Version | Scratch Offline Download

Warm up Task : Password Control

Main Task : Write a quiz question about Artificial Intelligence

Extra time : Add scoring and extra questions

Learning Objectives: Use Scratch to make a quiz about Artificial Intelligence

Skills : Add a background and sprite

Script code using input, sensing and if-then-else

Extra Challenge : Could use variables for the scores

Warm Up Task : Password Checker

Go to Scratch

Add a sprite and a background

Use the ask command to get input from the user

Use if-then-else and operators to validate the answer and display output to the user

Make sure your password control has;


The sprite should welcome the player, e.g. “Hello Mr Neil”

Validate password e.g.- “You may enter,” and “You Shall Not Pass!!!,” message

Success Criteria for the Password Task

1. Ask for a name using the ask command

2. Use the join function (operators) to welcome the player

3. Ask for a password from the use (using ask)

4. Use if-then-else to tell the user if they have the correct password

Extra time difficult challenge

5. Create a new Scratch project. The user will get a free Ice Cream if they are under 10 years of age.

Script code, to ask the user how old they are. Use if-then-else to tell them if they can have a free ice cream or not.

Main Task : Create a quiz about Artificial Intelligence

Could you do this without any further guidance?

What questions will you ask?

Extra Challenge :

  1. Can you add score?
  2. Can you add more questions?

Scratch : Animate Your Name

Coding using Scratch Desktop

Scratch Online Version | Scratch Offline Download

Lesson Objective : Use coding blocks to animate letters in your name

Add letter sprites to the stage

Create code to animate each letter (using if-then)

Example: if M is pressed then the M sprite will animate

Example code: What do you think will happen?

What would happen if I did not put the instruction; wait 0.05 seconds?


1. Add letter sprites to make up your name

2. Create code for each letter so that it will animate when a key is pressed.

3. Test your code. Remember to press the green flag and then the letter.

Success criteria

1. Add a background and letter sprites to the stage

2. Animate the first letter of your name

3. Animate the second letters of your name

4. Animate 3 or more letters

5. Use different animation techniques

You will need access to Scratch Desktop

Scratch Online Version | Scratch Offline Download

The 4 P’s

Lesson Objective : Use the marketing mix to promote a summer rock concert

Know the 4 P’s and what they do.

The 4 P’s also known as The Marketing Mix

The 4 Peas

The marketing mix deals with the way in which a business uses price, product, distribution and promotion to market and sell its product.

The marketing mix is often referred to as the “Four P’s” – since the most important elements of marketing are concerned with:

  • Product – the product (or service) that the customer obtains
  • Price – how much the customer pays for the product
  • Place – how the product is distributed to the customer
  • Promotion – how the customer is found and persuaded to buy the product


Find a product online – preferably one you like 

Try and explain how the 4 P’s can be applied to your chosen product.

For example, Coca-Cola


Individual – £1

Multi-pack (4) – £3.50


Coca-Cola Glass bottle limited edition. 

Vintage style bottle, metal lid.


Product to be sold as:

  1.  a multi-pack 12 bottles (£7)
  2. Meal Deal


  1. Supermarkets
  2. Bars, pubs, restaurants.

The Big Picture

You have been contacted by the local council in Gosport to plan, organise and promote a music festival. 

The festival will be at a suitable location (in Gosport ) you choose, it should cater for up to 500 – 1000 people.

The tasks you need to complete are:

  1. Create a promotional poster for the festival
  2. Create a costing spreadsheet for it
  3. Create a logo  
  4. Create a webpage with useful information 
  5. Write a report to summarise what you have created in this unit

Task 2 – Music Festival ideas – 5 minutes

Jot down your ideas on an A4 paper (teacher to provide)

Points to help you think:

  1. What is the NAME of your festival?
  2. Which venue should you use for your festival?
  3. Who is your ideal audience?
  4. What is your ideal target market?
  5. What will you sell in the stalls? (food, drink, clothes, etc)
  6. What will the attractions include? (how many stages, singers, etc.)
  7. How many tickets do you need to sell to ‘Break Even’ 
  8. How many tickets will you need to sell to make a profit?
  9. How will you make most profit?

Task 3

Make a promotional poster about your music festival.

You can choose your genre of music

Include your logo (online generator) (Make it yourself)


  1. Doownload poster

What do you think of this poster?

Who is the target audience?

Whatr are the good features?

What is not do good?

Student responses to the Download Poster

Too dark, not enough colour. Can’t read it. Some of the band names are too small.

Not showing any other festival

It doesn’t really feel like a festival

The logo is distinctive

For somebody who likes the above bands, it is intersting and really shows who is playing

Scratch : if-then

Moving a sprite with the arrow keys : This makes the program that you are making interactive

Click here to use Scratch online version

Learning Objective / Knowledge Intention

Code, so that a sprite can move using the left, right, up and down keys.

Understand that changing the Y-axis makes an object move up and down

Changing the x-axis makes an object move left and right

Learning Outcome / Knowledge Gained

Add a sprite and script code so that the sprite (octopus) moves up, down, left and right depending on which arrow key is pressed

Link to Maths

The X and Y axis grid. In Scratch, the centre of the stage (screen) is (X:0,Y:0).

To move up and down, you have to change the position of the Y axis.

To move left and right, you have to move the postion of the X axis

Watch the video below

Click here to use Scratch online version

Task : Add a new background and sprite (octopus)

Script the following code

Success Criteria

1. Code; so that the sprite can move in all four directions

2. Change the code to use if-then-else

3. Add more sprites and do something creative

Use this code to help you

Scratch Introduction – Make a Virtual Fish Tank

Create a Virtual Fish Tank using Scratch Desktop

Click here to use Scratch online version

Learning Objective: Introduction to Scratch block programming

Script code to make a virtual fishtank

Use an Underwater backdrop

Add 3 sprites (fish)

Use motion to show fish moving left to right on the stage

Watch this video or follow the steps below

How to make a virtual fishtank

Part 1 : Background (Backdrop)

Create a new Scratch file;

On the bottom right of the screen, go to choose a backdrop

Select one of the Underwater backdrops

Part 2 : Add fish sprites

Delete the cat sprite (click on the dustbin)

Choose a sprite

Search for fish

Part 3 : Make the fish move

Choose your fish and script the following code

Part 4 : Stop your fish swimming upside down

Go to Direction and choose Left/Right

Extra Challenges : 

  1. Add more fish and make them swim at different speeds
  2. Add a jellyfish and let the user control it with the arrow keys (see below)
  3. Add a puffer fish, let it grow and shrink

Add a Jellyfish. It moves up and down with the arrow key.

Success Criteria:

1. Add 1 sprite (fish) and an underwater background

2. The fish swims from left to right

3. Add 2 more fish

4. Add a jellyfish and make it interactive (moves with arrow keys)

Introduction to Google Docs

Do Now!

Flags of the World Quiz :

This will get yourself a bit of keyboard practice while learning about national flags

Google Docs Task

You will open Google Docs and create a table like the one below

You will research the Internet so that you can complete this table

You will be able to research other countries or add extra fields

Lesson Objective / Knowledge Intention

By the end of the lesson you should be able to 

  • Access Google Docs from the Google homepage and using a shortcut. 
  • Create a new Google Doc which has an appropriate heading, saved in an appropriate folder within your Google Drive and can access it again once closed 
  • Complete a research task using Google Docs which makes use of basic formatting and basic key features within Google Docs. 


  • Create a new Google Doc and save it in an appropriate folder in your Google Drive 
  • Change the heading of your Doc “Research Task” and add today’s date

In the main Doc complete the following. Use the internet and features of Google Docs to help you. 

  • Title – “Research Task” 
  • Subtitle –  your name 
  • Heading 1 – Fact Table 
  • Insert a table which has 6 rows and 8 columns

  • Give each column a heading (leave the first column blank):
    • Population, Capital, Currency, Leader, Main Imports & Exports, Timezone & Flag 
  • Under the blank column list the following countries:
    • UK, France, Spain, America, China 
  • Complete the table using the internet and features of Google Docs

Places to research

go to

Think! Where else can you research?

Extension Tasks

Can you now explore the formatting possibilities for your table, to make it more pleasing to the eye – i.e. you can use bold, italics, try the fill colour and the border

Note: You may find that this task works better if you have your page in Landscape orientation

Will will find this by selecting File > Page Setup

Extension Tasks

Research 2 more countries

Add more columns / fields

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