Primary School Resources

New : Digital Citizenship Lessons

Year 2

Pause and Think Online

How Technology Makes You Feel

Internet Traffic Light

Year 3

We The Digital Citizens

That’s Private! (to be completed)

Digital Trails (Digital Footprint)

Year 4

Rings of Responsibility

This is Me (to be completed)

The Power of Words

Year 5

My Digital Choices

Private and Personal Information

Online Tracks (Digital Footprint)

There is a whole host of Internet Safety resources, that are also fun for students. These can be information websites, games or even YouTube videos. Here is a list of my favourites.

Common Sense Education

Common Sense Education has to be one of my favourite E-Safety websites. There are tons of resources for all age groups, including fun videos and games.

Common Sense Digital Citizenship

Common Sense Digital Passport contains 6 games relating to E-Safety.


Click here to play Interland

E-safety Video of the Week

I’ve been playing an E-safety video as the students enter the room at the beginning of my lessons.

It gives the students a chance to smile, head bop or even dance whilst hearing a catchy song that relates to e-safety.

Information for Parents

Insuring the safety of children is at the heart of every parent and teacher; it is vital to understand that many of the dangers they face can start on the Internet.

I am putting together a list of resources and activities that will help to raise awareness of the dangers of online abuse. It is important that we are discussing with our parent.

Social Bots

Parental Control for Apps – Android

Parental Control for Apps – Apple / iPhone

Social Media Scams

Remote Learning : Top 10 Tips

E-Safety : What Can Parents Do?

E-Safety Advice for Teachers

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