Coding Town by Script Academy

Coding Town by Script Academy

Learning Objective – Follow the tutorial

Before you can build, you need to have diamonds. The best way to get diamonds is to add a lemonade stand and sell lemons. When you start the game, follow the tutorial to get the best out of the game.

  • Add Objects : Lemonade Stall
  • Buy Lemons from the lemon trader
  • Add a helper to help you buy lemons
  • Program the 3D helper so that he moves forward when up arrow is pressed

Watch the video to see how to play the tutorial

Click here to play Coding Town


Use keys A, W, S and D to move around

Mouse to rotate

Space to Jump

Double space to fly

Left click on mouse destory a block

Right click on mouse to add a block.

B for build materials

E to open dashboard

Add a Helper to Buy Lemons

  • Go to the lemon trader bunny and add a helper.
  • Then script the following code

How to get a helper and control it

  1. Press B to go to build mode
  2. Choose any helper
  3. Use the mouse to left click on your helper
  4. Script the code below
  5. Press apply

Success Criteria

Success : I can add a lemonade stand and buy lemons from the trader

Super better : I can program a helper to buy the lemons

Extra Success : I can add a helper and program it to move with the arrow keys

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