Flowcharts to Scratch

Lesson Objective : Use flowcharts to create mini programs. This will help us understand the link between flowcharts and coding.

Use Conditional Statements : if-then-else

Using blocks from sensing (light blue) operators (green)

Flowcharts are a great way to help us plan for coding. To learn more about how they relate, you will be given a set of flowcharts that you will use to script in Scratch.


First, I will give you a flowchart and then the script.

In the flowchart below, you will ask the user for the temperature (input). If the temperature is less than 32, you will print, below freezing (output).

Now open Scratch and script the code below

Link to Scratch : https://scratch.mit.edu/

Note : I have deleted the cat sprite and replaced it with a wizard. I also changed the background. This is optional but please do not spend more than a couple of minutes deciding.

Here is the code that you need to script. You will need to use the sections, sensing (light blue) and operators (green).

If the user enters a number below 32, then the wizard will say below freezing, else he will say above freezing

Your task : Use the following flowcharts to make script code in Scratch (solution shown for flow chart 1 only).

Coding skills : Conditions (if-then-else)

Link to Scratch : https://scratch.mit.edu/

Complete the following on your own

Extension : create scenarios of your own

Success criteria

  1. I can script code for at least one flowchat by copying the given code
  2. I can test the code
  3. I can script code for at least one flowchat independently
  4. I can script code for all of the flowcharts
  5. I can create my own flowcharts and programs

Links : https://www.zenflowchart.com/guides/flowchart-in-c-programming

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