What is Coastal Erosion?

Creating a news article about coastal erosion

Lesson Objective : What is coastal erosion? How does it impact our coast and our lives?

Lesson Outcome : Write a news article about coastal erosion

What software will you use? You could use MS Publisher or Google Docs (choose a news article template).

Dawlish Sea Wall Collapse 2014

2014 : Dawlish. The main rail line to the South West of England falls into the sea.

2023 Update on the sea wall

Stokes Bay, Gosport 2023

Think about : How can we protect Stokes Bay?

Task : Create a news article about coastal erosion

This could be about an event that has happened, a potential danger or something that is being done to prevent coastal erosion (sea wall).

Software : you could use MS Publisher or Google Docs (article template).

What makes a great article?

Look at this example below.

What is in the article above?

A punchy headline with large text, i.e. What a foot of sea level rise could mean for San Diego

A sub headline, i.e. it’s getting to the point where in somebody’s lifetime, they will notice the difference

A dramatic picture showing the effects of coastal erosion

A story

It is well laid out

Extra : create a mast (logo) for your newpaper

Success Criteria

Show your article to one of your friends

It has a strong headline

Great choice of pictures

The layout looks professional

You have created a mast (logo) for your newspaper

Task : Coastal Erosion Screening Tool

Coastal Erosion Screening Tool : https://coastal.climatecentral.org/

An interactive map showing areas threatened by sea level rise.

You can choose your home town and see how rising sea levels make an impact.

Task : The Ocean Game

The sea is rising; can you save your town

The Ocean Game : https://www.latimes.com/projects/la-me-climate-change-ocean-game/

Extra viewing

Video 1 UK Coastal Erosion

Video 2 How Coastal Erosion Works

Video 3 Global Warming

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