AI Machine Learning

Do Now! On a sheet of paper, write down 3 targets for the lesson. Use the examples below.

Do Now Extra: On the back of the paper, draw a Computer of the Future. What features will it have?

Classroom Expectations. Choose 3 targets for the lesson

  • One voice
  • Stay on task
  • No phones
  • Stay in your seat
  • Try your best
  • Ask for help
  • Be positive
  • Be confident with the topic

Lesson Overview : Artificial Intelligence : Machine Learning

Task 1 : Play AI for Oceans for (15 minutes)

Task 2 : Review AI for Oceans

Task 3 : Self driving cars problem?

Learning Objective / Knowledge Intention

Students will be able to:

  • Discuss the role artificial intelligence plays in their lives.
  • Train and test a machine learning model.
  • Reason about how human bias plays a role in machine learning.

Learning Outcome / Knowledge Gained

Complete AI for Oceans for

Task 1 : AI for Oceans on

Click here to play AI for Oceans

Task 2 Moral Question

A self-driving car is travelling towards a zebra crossing. There are three people on the crossing on the cars side, and one person on the crossing on the other side.

The car’s brakes fail. The computer must decide whether to continue on the left of the road, potentially injuring people, or turn right, potentially injuring one person.


Description automatically generated

(a) Choose whether you would program the car to;

  • stay in the left lane
  • or switch to the right lane.

Explain why you made this choice.

Left lane or right lane:

Reason for choice:

(b) The car now encounters a situation where it has the following choice:

  • Keep moving forward and risk running over a pigeon
  • Turn to avoid the pigeon, mount the kerb and burst the car tyre.

Choose whether you would program the car to keep moving forward or turn to
avoid the pigeon. Explain why you made this choice.

Keep moving forward, or turn and avoid the pigeon:

Reason for choice:

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