Plan for a Music Festival Website

Classroom Expectations

  • One voice
  • Stay on task
  • No phones
  • Stay in your seat
  • Try your best
  • Ask for help
  • Be positive
  • Be confident with the topic

Do Now! On a piece of paper, write down 3 of the above targets for the lesson

If you have more time : Imagine the year is 2030. What will your computer be like? Draw or describe all the features of your computer.

Learning Objective

Plan to make a website about a music festival

Learning outcome

Create a mindmap of ideas using

Create page plans using presentation software (MS PowerPoint or Google Slides)

Before we start, let’s recap on our previous lesson about the 4 P’s of marketing

We will now plan our ideas. At this stage we considered the following

  1. What is the NAME of your festival?
  2. Which venue should you use for your festival?
  3. Who is your ideal audience?
  4. What is your ideal target market?
  5. What will you sell in the stalls? (food, drink, clothes, etc)
  6. What will the attractions include? (how many stages, singers, etc.)

Task 1 : Mind Map on

Let’s use a mind map to draw a plan. I have chosen some online software called

Choose a circle layout

Create your plan, something like this

Task 2 Page Plans

Now that you have a plan, start to create some pages using MS PowerPoint or Google Slides

Task 3 How will it look?

Look at these websites


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