Make a Quiz in Scratch (Topic AI)

Scratch Online Version | Scratch Offline Download

Warm up Task : Password Control

Main Task : Write a quiz question about Artificial Intelligence

Extra time : Add scoring and extra questions

Learning Objectives: Use Scratch to make a quiz about Artificial Intelligence

Skills : Add a background and sprite

Script code using input, sensing and if-then-else

Extra Challenge : Could use variables for the scores

Warm Up Task : Password Checker

Go to Scratch

Add a sprite and a background

Use the ask command to get input from the user

Use if-then-else and operators to validate the answer and display output to the user

Make sure your password control has;


The sprite should welcome the player, e.g. “Hello Mr Neil”

Validate password e.g.- “You may enter,” and “You Shall Not Pass!!!,” message

Success Criteria for the Password Task

1. Ask for a name using the ask command

2. Use the join function (operators) to welcome the player

3. Ask for a password from the use (using ask)

4. Use if-then-else to tell the user if they have the correct password

Extra time difficult challenge

5. Create a new Scratch project. The user will get a free Ice Cream if they are under 10 years of age.

Script code, to ask the user how old they are. Use if-then-else to tell them if they can have a free ice cream or not.

Main Task : Create a quiz about Artificial Intelligence

Could you do this without any further guidance?

What questions will you ask?

Extra Challenge :

  1. Can you add score?
  2. Can you add more questions?

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