The 4 P’s

Lesson Objective : Use the marketing mix to promote a summer rock concert

Know the 4 P’s and what they do.

The 4 P’s also known as The Marketing Mix

The 4 Peas

The marketing mix deals with the way in which a business uses price, product, distribution and promotion to market and sell its product.

The marketing mix is often referred to as the “Four P’s” – since the most important elements of marketing are concerned with:

  • Product – the product (or service) that the customer obtains
  • Price – how much the customer pays for the product
  • Place – how the product is distributed to the customer
  • Promotion – how the customer is found and persuaded to buy the product


Find a product online – preferably one you like 

Try and explain how the 4 P’s can be applied to your chosen product.

For example, Coca-Cola


Individual – £1

Multi-pack (4) – £3.50


Coca-Cola Glass bottle limited edition. 

Vintage style bottle, metal lid.


Product to be sold as:

  1.  a multi-pack 12 bottles (£7)
  2. Meal Deal


  1. Supermarkets
  2. Bars, pubs, restaurants.

The Big Picture

You have been contacted by the local council in Gosport to plan, organise and promote a music festival. 

The festival will be at a suitable location (in Gosport ) you choose, it should cater for up to 500 – 1000 people.

The tasks you need to complete are:

  1. Create a promotional poster for the festival
  2. Create a costing spreadsheet for it
  3. Create a logo  
  4. Create a webpage with useful information 
  5. Write a report to summarise what you have created in this unit

Task 2 – Music Festival ideas – 5 minutes

Jot down your ideas on an A4 paper (teacher to provide)

Points to help you think:

  1. What is the NAME of your festival?
  2. Which venue should you use for your festival?
  3. Who is your ideal audience?
  4. What is your ideal target market?
  5. What will you sell in the stalls? (food, drink, clothes, etc)
  6. What will the attractions include? (how many stages, singers, etc.)
  7. How many tickets do you need to sell to ‘Break Even’ 
  8. How many tickets will you need to sell to make a profit?
  9. How will you make most profit?

Task 3

Make a promotional poster about your music festival.

You can choose your genre of music

Include your logo (online generator) (Make it yourself)


  1. Doownload poster

What do you think of this poster?

Who is the target audience?

Whatr are the good features?

What is not do good?

Student responses to the Download Poster

Too dark, not enough colour. Can’t read it. Some of the band names are too small.

Not showing any other festival

It doesn’t really feel like a festival

The logo is distinctive

For somebody who likes the above bands, it is intersting and really shows who is playing

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