Scratch : if-then

Moving a sprite with the arrow keys : This makes the program that you are making interactive

Click here to use Scratch online version

Learning Objective / Knowledge Intention

Code, so that a sprite can move using the left, right, up and down keys.

Understand that changing the Y-axis makes an object move up and down

Changing the x-axis makes an object move left and right

Learning Outcome / Knowledge Gained

Add a sprite and script code so that the sprite (octopus) moves up, down, left and right depending on which arrow key is pressed

Link to Maths

The X and Y axis grid. In Scratch, the centre of the stage (screen) is (X:0,Y:0).

To move up and down, you have to change the position of the Y axis.

To move left and right, you have to move the postion of the X axis

Watch the video below

Click here to use Scratch online version

Task : Add a new background and sprite (octopus)

Script the following code

Success Criteria

1. Code; so that the sprite can move in all four directions

2. Change the code to use if-then-else

3. Add more sprites and do something creative

Use this code to help you

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