Introduction to Google Docs

Do Now!

Flags of the World Quiz :

This will get yourself a bit of keyboard practice while learning about national flags

Google Docs Task

You will open Google Docs and create a table like the one below

You will research the Internet so that you can complete this table

You will be able to research other countries or add extra fields

Lesson Objective / Knowledge Intention

By the end of the lesson you should be able to 

  • Access Google Docs from the Google homepage and using a shortcut. 
  • Create a new Google Doc which has an appropriate heading, saved in an appropriate folder within your Google Drive and can access it again once closed 
  • Complete a research task using Google Docs which makes use of basic formatting and basic key features within Google Docs. 


  • Create a new Google Doc and save it in an appropriate folder in your Google Drive 
  • Change the heading of your Doc “Research Task” and add today’s date

In the main Doc complete the following. Use the internet and features of Google Docs to help you. 

  • Title – “Research Task” 
  • Subtitle –  your name 
  • Heading 1 – Fact Table 
  • Insert a table which has 6 rows and 8 columns

  • Give each column a heading (leave the first column blank):
    • Population, Capital, Currency, Leader, Main Imports & Exports, Timezone & Flag 
  • Under the blank column list the following countries:
    • UK, France, Spain, America, China 
  • Complete the table using the internet and features of Google Docs

Places to research

go to

Think! Where else can you research?

Extension Tasks

Can you now explore the formatting possibilities for your table, to make it more pleasing to the eye – i.e. you can use bold, italics, try the fill colour and the border

Note: You may find that this task works better if you have your page in Landscape orientation

Will will find this by selecting File > Page Setup

Extension Tasks

Research 2 more countries

Add more columns / fields

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