What’s the Weather? (Spreadsheets + Internet Research)

Do Now! go to timeanddate.com

Go to your home town and explore the weather and find out other facts

Explore famous cities around the world and compare the weather forecasts

Learning Objective / Knowledge Intention: To log data taken from online sources within a spreadsheet.

Unit Objectives: Researching and storing data in a spreadsheet; designing a weather station which gathers and records data; learning how weather forecasts are made and using green screen technology to present a weather forecast.

Learning Outcome / Knowledge Gained : Create a table in a spreadsheet. Search the Internet for information about the weather. Record findings in the spreadsheet

Task :

Open a new spreadsheet

Google slides or MS Excel are examples of a spreadsheet

1. Create a table, enter the information as shown below

2. Use the border tool to format the table

3. On timeanddate.com search for your home town

Record the information that you find on your spreadsheet

Find information about more places around the world. Add this information to the spreadsheet.


Add some more fields to your table

You could also include;

  • Currency
  • Language
  • Country Dialling Code
  • Time Zone
  • Population
  • Flag
  • + more

Success Criteria

  1. You have have created a table in a spreadsheet using borders
  2. You have coloured some of the cells
  3. You have researched entered the records for 5 cities
  4. You have added 2 or more fields and entered those records too

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