Suki’s Skate Shop Spreadsheet

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Before we start the lesson, typing practice is a nice way to settle ourselves down. Have a 10 minute practice.

Click here to play Monkeytype

In this lesson, you will be creating s spreadsheet model for Suki’s Skate Shop

What is a spreadsheet?

I like to this of a spreadsheet, as a very large piece of paper, where we can make lots of calculations.

There appears to be lots of boxes. These boxes are known as cells.

Each cell has a cell reference.

The cell reference is the column letter followed by the row number. The cell reference for the green cell above is B3.

Knowledge Intention / Learning Objective : Create a spreadsheet based on a Skate Shop

Use borders and shading to format the table

Use formula to work out the price of Skating Equipment

Apply a 20 % Discount

Open a blank spreadsheet (MS Excel or Google Sheets) and create a spreadsheet table based on the one below

Task : Create the spreadsheet as shown below (the teacher may give you a template)

Add the following items to your spreadsheet

You can also add some extra items of your own


You need formula to calculate the total price.

This will be Unit Sales – Price Per Unit

The Discount per item, which is the Price Per Unit * 20%

The actual Price per Unit, which is the Price per Unit – Discount

The Revenue, which is the Discounted Price Per Unit * Unit Sales

Extension : Working out a discount

Add 2 more columns

Notice that you have to use the dollar sign on the cells to work out the discounted price

Using borders

Using Shading

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