Learn Python with Ozaria

Everybody loves coding using Python. We were born for this.

Ozaria is a fantastic online games which is challenging and fun. At the same time, we are using Python code to solve problems.

Do Now!

Open Ozaria

Click here to start coding with Ozaria

Either use the class code given to you by your teacher, or you can play now.

You can then start the puzzles. You will be able to;

  • Customise your hero
  • Watch the introduction video (subtitled if no sound)
  • See the progress map

Learning Objective / Knowledge Intention

Script Python code, to solve a range of puzzles.

Coding skills used

  • Sequencing
  • Selection
  • Loops

Lesson Outcome / Knowledge Gained

Go to Ozaria online and successfully complete the puzzles.

Here is the secomd puzzle. You have to move the hero to the red flag, by using Python Code

Here is the solution

Remember, it will get progressively harder, so you go through the levels

Here is the solution

Which does work; however, there is lots of code being repeated. There is a solution for that, which I found at the code bank.

Go through the map and check your progress

Remember to follow the instructions


have fun!


Some Codes

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