Knowledge Organiser

Making a Knowledge Organiser

Below is part of a eBook which focuses on Flow Charts

We can also organise this information to make our own Knowledge Organiser

Notice that in the above organiser, the user has included;

  • Components of a flowchart (with an example)
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Purpose / What they are used for
  • Quiz
  • Key Vocabulary

Lesson Objective / Knowledge Intention

Create a knowledge organiser about Flowcharts

Lesson Outcome / Knowledge Gained

Go to presentation software (such as MS PowerPoint or Google Slides)

Develop a knowledge organiser with relevant information

Keep consistent colour schemes

You could take any topic and create a Knowledge Organiser

Here is one about Wire Frame Diagrams

Notice the colour schemes that have been used

Here is another example of a FlowCharts Knowledge Organiser


Now create your own Knowledge Organiser. Use a text book for information and design it in your way.

Open Google Slides

Set the paper size to A3, the best ones can be printed an put on display

Use the above examples to help you

Have fun

If you finish one, get some feedback from a teacher or class friend

Create another Knowledge Organiser about a topic of your choice

How to change your document to A3

More Examples

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