Flappy Game + Express Course

Do Now!

Flappy Code

Code your own Flappy Game

Follow the instructions to complete the Flappy Game.

Click here to code using Flappy Code

You can watch the following video to help you

Lesson Objective / Knowledge Intention

Learn computer science by trying the lessons below at your own pace!

Learn to create computer programs, develop problem-solving skills, and work through fun challenges!

Make games and creative projects to share with friends, family, and teachers. Express Course

Task : Learn block coding by taking the Express Course

Click here to access the Express Course

Attempt all of the puzzles.

Watch this video to help you

Success Criteria

I have completed Flappy Birds

I have completed Lesson 1 of the Express Course, i.e. Programming with Flappy Birds

I have completed Lesson 2 of the Express Course i.e. Debugging in Maze

I am able to go through the course independently to complete the tasks

How is your progress?

Go to the Course Overview to see how you are progressing

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