Learn Python using Parson’s Problems

Do Now!

Before we start the lesson, typing practice is a nice way to settle ourselves down. Have a 10 minute practice.

Click here to play Monkeytype

Everybody loves Python.

In this lesson, you will learn Python by using a website called Parson’s Problems.

You may have a question like this….

Which you can rearrange to something like this

Learning Objective / Knowledge Intention

Arrange blocks of Python code, using an online tool called Parson’s Problems. Topics covered;

  • Sequencing
  • Selection
  • Loops

Lesson Outcome / Knowledge Gained

Learning basic concepts of Python, by arranging blocks of code to solve a problems

Success Criteria

  • Complete 8 exercises
    • 1-4 Sequencing
    • 1-4 Selection

  • Complete 12 exercises as above +
    • 1-4 Looping with For

Extra Success

  • As above +
    • 1-4 Looping with While

Click here to access Parson’s Problems

Task : Go through the puzzles

If your solution is correct, the blocks will go green. If it is incorrect, it will be red.

You can try to Debug

If you complete the task, you can use the arrow keys to go to the next or previous puzzle


you can select the list and see how many tasks you have completed


You may have a question like this

Which can be rearranged to something like this

….and let’s not forget Old MacDonald

You will need to rearrange the code to get the code to work and be complete.

Suggested follow up tasks

  1. Create a presentation (using Google Slides) about Python. Use some print screens of your solutions
  2. Go to trinket and try typing some of the code

Can you choose any 5 of those programs and then code them onto Trinket – https://trinket.io/features/python3

This lesson is progressive, the tasks will become more challenging, if they are too easy, jump ahead. You do not need your books, if you do need help use this Python cheat sheet to help

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