Virtual SPIKE Prime Coding – Iris Rover Challenge

Hour of Code – Virtual SPIKE Prime Coding

Do Now!

Click on this link and read the instructions

Once you have read the instructions, you can launch the first activity on the bottom of the page

That is your chance to have a play before you access the rest of the course (Hour of Code)

When you want to move on, press Close Activity and continue with the rest of the course

Learning Objectives / Knowledge Intention

The Virtual SPIKE Prime Coding – Iris Rover Challenge provides a structured sequence of programming activities in a real-world project-based context.

It is designed to get students thinking about the patterns and structure of not just robotics, but also programming and problem-solving more generally.

This lesson includes videos, animations, and a built-in coding environment with virtual robot.

Continue through the rest of the course using the side menu

The next set of activities will be on the option Lesson: Moving Forward

Again, when you see launch activity, you can try the task

….and when you have finished, choose Close Activity and move down to the next one

There will also be some questions for you to answer

Have fun and go though all of the side menu

Most important, have some fun and enjoy this hour of code

Extra : Vice Bot

Iris Rover Challenge with VICE Virtual Robot

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