Rocket Project 1 : Aerodynamics

Do Now!

Find a definition of aerodynamic

What shape has the most aerodynamic drag?

Learning Objective

By the end of the lesson I will be able to apply my knowledge of aerodynamics to a rocket design.

Successful Learning Focus:

Understand that making mistakes is part of learning.

Challenge yourself

Success Criteria / Levels

2. Do I know what aerodynamics is?

3. Can I explain what aerodynamics is?

4. Can I identify features of a successful aerodynamic design?

5. Can I apply my knowledge of good aerodynamics to design a successful rocket?

Key words:

Aerodynamics – the study of moving air and the interaction between the air and solids moving through it.

Drag – a type of friction that acts in the opposite direction of air.

Which of the following designs is the most aerodynamic?

Can you explain why and draw flow lines?

Challenge: What might the most aerodynamic shape ever look like?

Design Task : Design an aerodynamic rocket on your own

Challenge: Can you add other elements to your rocket like thrusters?

Why is it aerodynamic?

In a pair decide which you think would be the most aerodynamic and model this as a pair in plasticine.

Review : What is the difference between these two swimmers?

How does this relate to what we have learnt today?

A bit of fun

Rocket Builder

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