So then, what exactly is a spreadsheet?

Do Now!

Open (or create) this document What is a Spreadsheet?

This can be made on Google Slides or MS PowerPoint

Look for a definition of a spreadsheet. Go to page 2 of your presentation and write down your answer.

Write this down in your own words

PowerPoint Version

If you finish this bit, then move on to complete the other slides (more details below)

By the end of this lesson you will:

By the end of the lesson

  • Know what a spreadsheet is
  • Understand some of the uses of spreadsheets
  • Be able to create a basic spreadsheet
  • Be able to state a benefits of spreadsheets

What is a spreadsheet?

I like to this of a spreadsheet, as a very large piece of paper, where we can make lots of calculations.

There appears to be lots of boxes. These boxes are known as cells.

Each cell has a cell reference.

The cell reference is the column letter followed by the row number. The cell reference for the green cell above is B3.

What does a spreadsheet look like? What can you see on this spreadsheet?

Benefits of Spreadsheets

A spreadsheet set up correctly saves time, saves effort, can be very accurate, works brilliantly for repetitive calculations, makes calculations much much faster than a human, can look at different scenarios i.e what happens if I apply VAT to the costs

What else?


Continue with the rest of your presentation

Here are all the slides.

Practical Spreadsheet Task

The Shopping List – Extended Version

Open a new spreadsheet and create this shopping list as shown below

The yellow cells require a formula, which will be the Price multiplied by the Quatity

Use Borders and Shading and fill cells

Using borders

Using Shading

In cell E4, you need to put the formula to work out the Total Price of Crisps.

This will be Price multiplied by Quantity

See the suggeation below

Write a formula to work out the price of all of the other items.

Another Extension Task : Football table revisited

Create a Premier League football table like the one shown below. Add more teams and change some of the results.

Add more teams and change some of the results

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