Interactive Quiz : Augmented Reality

Do Now!

Watch this video about how Augmented Reality is used in cricket. No sound required.

Think : What are the benefits to using Augmented Reality in cricket.

Lesson Objective / Knowledge Intention :

Using presentation software (Google Slides) to make an interactive quiz.

The quiz questions must relate to Augmented Reality.

Adding shapes to the presentation and linking to other slides

This will also help to improve our own knowledge and understanding of Augmented Reality

Lesson Outcome / Knowledge Gained

Improved understanding of Augmented Reality

Learn how to make presentation software (e.g. Google Slides) interactive

The big picture

What have we done? : We have investigated how AR can benefit society

What are we doing? : We are going to use that knowledge to make a quiz about AR

Where are we going? : We could also make using other types of software, including Scratch


Open a new Google Slides or MS PowerPoint and create a multiple choice quiz about Augmented Reality

1. Open a new presentation and create an introduction slide

2. Add a new slide and add a question

3. Add 2 more slides, for incorrect and correct answers

“Correct” slide

“Incorrect slide”

5. Now link your slides. Go back to the question slide and select the correct shapes (right click and choose link). Link the shape to the correct slide.

On Google Slides

On MS PowerPoint

6. Test that it works. Fix any issues that you may have.

7. Change text colours, fonts and size. Format your shapes, change colours, etc.

8. Now you can add more questions

What other questions could you use?

Note : it is possible to duplicate / copy your slides and change the questions

What does AR stand for?

What does VR stand for?

Which famous game used Augmented Reality to capture virtual creatures?

True or False : Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

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