World Cup Database with Validation Rules

Your task, create a World Cup database and make sure there are validation rules

Learning Objective : Create a database table with fields of different data types.

Use the database to enter records

Use data validation rules so that the user enters sensible data

Key Words : Table, records, fields

Data Types, Text, Number, Alphnumeric, Boolean and Date

Data and Testing : The Big Picture.

Current 3.2.2. Validation and verification

Validation Tools Include

Data Type Check

Format Check / Input Mask

Length Check

Limited Choice

  • drop down list
  • radio buttons
  • tick list
  • lookup
  • presence check
  • range check

I have created this database planning table to start you along, but you can add fields


1. Open Microsoft Access and open. Choose blank database

2. Call the database, Smurfs, then choose create

3. You will then be in the Table view. Change to Design view to create your table.

4. You will be asked to save the table. Call this Teams.

5. Create the database as shown below. Add the Field Names and Data Type. You must also write something for the description.

6. Go to the Data Type of Continent and Select Lookup Wizard.

7. Select , I willl type the values that I want and press Next

…and enter the values, as below

8. Go back to the Datasheet view

9. Enter a record for England. Use the information from this website to help you.

Extra Tasks :

  1. In Design view, for each field, go to Field Properties and add some validation rules

2. Add your own field to the database

3. Create a new table called footballers. Design and create a database of football players. What fields would you use?

4. Instead of a drop down list, create a new table called continents. Then you can link the tables (relational database).

Success Criteria

  1. I have created a database table
  2. I have added fields so that I can enter records of footballers
  3. I have changed the data types, auto number, number, text, Boolean and date
  4. I have used a lookup field for one of my fields
  5. I have entered some data validation rules in the description for all fields
  6. I have entered 3 or more records
  7. I can create my own database

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