Spreadsheets World Cup Tables

Do Now Challenge : Recap Challenge

Note : You may need to select Enable Editing


Work out the answers to various calculations and if they are right, the cell will automatically turn green.

You can enter formulae into cells to help work out the answers.

All formulae must begin with an = (equals) sign

See example in E3;

=B3+D3 will add the numbers of the 2 cells together

If you finish early, go to level 2

Main World Cup Task

In this lesson, you will open a blank spreadsheet and create the football league table as shown below

Learning Objective : Create a set of World Cup tables based on current standings

Use borders and shading to format the table

Use formula to work out goal difference, games played and points won

Open a blank spreadsheet (MS Excel or Google Sheets) and create a football league table based on the one below

What is a spreadsheet?

I like to this of a spreadsheet, as a very large piece of paper, where we can make lots of calculations.

There appears to be lots of boxes. These boxes are known as cells.

Each cell has a cell reference.

The cell reference is the column letter followed by the row number. The cell reference for the green cell above is B3.

Open a blank spreadsheet and create the football league table as shown below.

You will need to use borders and shading

You should use formula to work out;

  • Games played (Won+Drawn+Lost)
  • Goal difference (Goals Scored – Goals Against)
  • Points ((Games Won * 3) + (Games Drawn + 1)) Remember to use the correct brackets

Current World Cup Standings

Using borders

Using Shading

Change the games won, drawn and lost and see what happens to the points total

Change the goals scored and goals against and see what happens to the goal difference.

If you have finished, you can do another table. This one includes England.

You can add the table to the same sheet

If you have finished, you can add the rest of the World Cup tables

Current World Cup Standings

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