Using Stop Motion

Do Now!

Before we start the lesson, typing practice is a nice way to settle ourselves down. Have a 10 minute practice.

Click here to play Monkeytype

Lesson Objective / Knowledge Intention: What is Stop Motion animation?

How is it made?

What does frame by frame mean?

Task / Knowledge (Skills) gained : Use an online tool, FlipAnim, to make an animation

The Big Picture

What have we done? This is our introduction to animation, but we would have used some drawing software

What are we doing now? We will be using FlipAnim to learn how Stop Motion animation is made

Where are we going? We will learn to create moving sprites using Piskel

Example of Stop Motion. Wallace and Gromit.

How was Wallace and Gromit made?

How long do you think it took to make?

Practical Task

Click here to go to FlipAnim

Extra tutorial, watch this video to find out more.

Success criteria

Some success, I can use FlipAnim to make a dot move around the screen

Better success, my dot moves around fluently.

Extra success, I can experiment and make some original animations

If you enjoy Stop Motion, please have a look at this video

You can view more here : Stop Motion Animation – Health, Safety & E-Safety

Extra resource: Piskel

Make your own Stop Motion

Stop Motion Studio App

Use your mobile device to make Stop Motion animation. Download Stop Motion Studio.

Apple Store

Google Play Store

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