Investigating Augmented Reality

Do Now!

Before you get going, have a little bit of typing practice to settle yourself

Lesson Objectives / Knowledge Intention

In today’s lesson you need to explore some examples of how AR is being used in each of the following areas of society.

  • Entertainment
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Law enforcement

Lesson Outcomes / Knowledge Gained

Investigate examples of existing AR and show your results (e.g. worksheet)

Watch some of these examples of AR technology, including Star Wars, Ikea and Cricket

AR Gameplay : Star Wars Jedi Challenge

Hope shopping : Ikea

Sports Analysis : Virtual Eye

Investigating AR and VR

Have a look at this website

Task : You will need to research a variety of existing applications of AR from at least three different areas of society looking at good and bad features and writing if it has any real value to society.

Record your findings. You could use a worksheet as shown below.

Extra task / question

What features you would have / avoid when you design your own AR application?

Google Arts and Culture

This is Iron Man

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