Cyberbullying for Anti-Bullying Week

14th to 18th November 2022

Combat Cyberbullying by looking at some of these tasks


Recognise cyber bullying

The difference between cyber-abuse and cyber bullying

How to defend yourself and others

The difference between desirable and unwanted behaviours

What is cyber bullying?

TASK: Be Strong Online Quiz

Quiz – Cyber Bullying

What to do if you are being bullied online

Block the person from being able to contact you online

Ask a grown up for help if you are getting bullied

Think about your reaction and about the consequencea that may reflect your actions

Save the emails and or messages

Some Other Resources

TASK: Digital Etiquette on BrainPOP

TASK: Kind Kingdom


Create a Poster about Cyberbullying

Use Paint to make a logo for Cyberbullying prevention

Write a story or poem about Cyberbullying


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