Business Taster : Logo and Brand Identity

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Lesson Objective : Brand awareness and adding value. What makes an effective logo?

Learning Outcome : Create a logo for a brand (known brand or original)

Work in teams to create a business brand

Welcome to our Year 10 Business Taster

If you are taking Business or Enterprise, expect the course to look something like this

GCSE Business

100% Examination:

Paper 1 Exam 90 minutes – 50%

Paper 2 Exam 90 minutes – 50%

This course is Business theory based with one set of exams at the end of Year 11

Enterprise & Marketing

40/60 Examination and Coursework

Exam 90 minutes – 40%

Coursework 1 – 30%

Coursework 2 – 30% 

This course is a combination of practical and theory based learning with one examination opportunity

Brand Awareness Discussion Points

  1. Why do we remember some brands?
  2. What about the least memorable, why do you not know them as well?
  3. What are some of the brands you have just looked associated with? 
  4. Why do you think they are associated with that?

What are the world’s most recognisable logos?

Task 1 : Design and create a logo for the school that you are attending

Task : Create a new logo for the school that you are attending

First, think about the current logo. What does the logo say about your school. What is good and what is not so good about the school’s logo.

You can use a variety of online tools to create a new one.


Link :


…… could use Sketchpad to draw your logo.

Link to Sketchpad :

There is a good choice of online logo makers featured here.

Task 2 Market a new product

Task in pairs or a group (maximum 4)

Consider designating roles for each member, e.g. project manager, graphics designer, quality controller, timekeeper, etc

Task : Create a new product brand. Use presentation software to show how you would market it?

Choose a new product never been seen before, from either:

  1. A brand new, very powerful smart phone
  2. A luxury, extra special box of chocolates
  3. Wearable technology to give the user medical statistics when they are exercising

  • You have to decide on the product
  • How you will promote the product?
  • What price you will sell it for, how you will promote it?
  • Where will you promote the product you have chosen?

Think about

  • What is your new product?  
  • Who will you sell it to? (target audience)
  • What is your price? (why this price?)
  • How will you promote your new product?
  • Where will you sell your new product?

How to tackle the task

How you present your brand is up to you. Think; what would be the best tool?

You could make presentation slides (PowerPoint or Google Slides).

Here is my example for my brand, DigitalXFuture

Extra Tasks

If you have finished, you can start to make some of the products, i.s., the website and YouTube channel

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