Human Computer Interface (HCI)

Advantages and disadvantages

Learning Objective : To understand the benefits of HCI but also considering the concerns that we may have

Learning Outcome : Discuss the advantages and disadvantages in groups and present your opinions

The big picture

What have we done? Completed topic area 1 Design Tools. Started topic 2 Human Computer Interface.

What are we doing today? Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of HCI for specific purposes

Where are we going? We’ll be understanding how HCI is used in everyday life

An introduction to me

I have been living and teaching in the United Arab Emirates for 7 years. There are things that are going to feel strange. At the end of the the last academic year…….

I was known as Mr Neil (my first name) rather than Mr Dimmick

Face masks were still compulsory for all students and teachers

Students still had to be 1 metre apart

All meetings involving larger groups were online

Not allowed to shake hands

Most class sizes were 30

It is much warmer, in fact too hot sometimes

Even at the beginning of 2022, schools went fully remote for one week

Technology innovations being developed, such as Skyway transport, Hyperloop and the Museum of the Future

HCI Recap

Today’s discussion

Advantages and disadvantages of HCI

Real world question : Is there anything in the above table that causes you to worry / be anxious

Next task

Next lessons : HCI hardware

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