Coding Town by Script Academy

Coding Town by Script Academy

Learning Outcome – Create your own business, build, code and have fun.

Before you can build, you need to have diamonds. The best way to get diamonds is to add a lemonade stand and sell lemons. When you start the game, follow the tutorial to get the best out of the game.

  • Add Objects : Lemonade Stall
  • Buy Lemons from the lemon trader
  • Add a helper to help you buy lemons
  • Program the 3D helper so that he moves forward when up arrow is pressed

Watch the video to see how to play the tutorial


Use keys A, W, S and D to move around

Mouse to rotate

Space to Jump

Double space to fly

Left click on mouse destory a block

Right click on mouse to add a block.

B for build materials

E to open dashboard

Add a Helper to Buy Lemons

  • Go to the lemon trader bunny and add a helper.
  • Then script the following code

How to get a helper and control it

  1. Press B to go to build mode
  2. Choose any helper
  3. Use the mouse to left click on your helper
  4. Script the code below
  5. Press apply

Success Criteria

Success : I can add a lemonade stand and buy lemons from the trader

Super better : I can program a helper to buy the lemons

Extra Success : I can add a helper and program it to move with the arrow keys

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