Interactive Quiz on PowerPoint

Interactive : allowing a two-way flow of information between a computer and a computer-user; responding to a user’s input.

We are going to make a presentation, but this time, it will require user input for it to work. We’ll make a quiz.

Lesson Objective : Make a quiz using presentation software (e.g. PowerPoint)

Add shapes and link them

Create questions for the user to answer

The big picture

What have we done? : This is our 3rd lesson on this topic. We know how to create new slides, add shapes and hyperlink

What are we doing? : We are going to complete at least one question in this lesson, some will create more than one

Where are we going? : We have learned so much about PowerPoint. We could now transfer those skills tio make a maze game,


1. Open a new presentation and create an introduction slide

2. Add a new slide and add a question at the top, e.g. What is the correct spelling?

3. Add 2 more slides, for incorrect and correct answers

“Incorrect” slide

“Correct slide”

5. Now link your slides. Go back to the question slide and select the correct shapes (right click and choose link). Link the shape to the correct slide.

6. Go back to the question slide and select an icorrect shape (right click and choose link). Link it to the incorrect slide. Do this with all the other 3 incorrect shapes.

7. Test that it works. Fix any issues that you may have.

8. Change text colours, fonts and size. Format your shapes, change colours, etc.

Success Criteria

1. I can open PowerPoint

2. I can create slide 1 (Splash Screen)

3. I can create a question slide

4. I can create an “incorrect” slide

5. I can create a “correct” slide

6. I can create at least one link

7. I can create 2 or more links

8. My Quiz has a nice design

9. I have tested the quiz

10. I can make a second question

More examples

Socrative Plenary

If you are attending the live sessions, you will be asked to tell me how you did.

Room Name : XFUTURE

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