Enterprise and Innovation

Lesson Objective : What is enterprise and innovation?

Come up with a creative way to help a business attract more customers.

Show your ideas in a presentation (PowerPoint)

Task : Watch a short video brief from an existing business.

Discuss and present ideas on how we can help the business

The Big Picture

What have we done? This is the first lesson we have done on this subject in Computing

What are we doing? Learning about enterprise and business and creating ways to help them get more customers

Where are we going? We will keep developing our ideas and eventually submit a plan to that business

First, watch the video shown by the teacher. The teacher will play just one of them, but if you have watched the others before the lesson, then you can choose to work with that company.

The Videos

Desert Dwellers


Print Art Crow


Speedy Spanners

Task : Create a PowerPoint presentation about your chosen company

  1. An introduction slide
  2. In one sentence, what does the business want?
  3. Find out what the business already has and present it (screenshots)
  4. Add your own ideas

Speedy Spanners example

Slide 1 : Title slide, include your name

Slide 2 : In one sentence, what does the business need?

Slide 3 : What is the business already doing?

Slide 4 : Add your own ideas

Success Criteria

  1. I know what is enterprise
  2. I know what is innovation
  3. I can understand, by watching the video, what a business is looking for
  4. I have an idea on how I can help that business
  5. I can present those ideas using presentation software

Click here for more information about the Adam Burfield Enterprise Award

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