is a great way to learn how to code and program. However, I have found that because of the pandemic, some students have had much more practice than others.

Lesson Objective : Make sure you use the repeat tool.

Beginner (year 3 to 5) Start with Course B

Click here for Course B on

If you find course B too easy, try Course C. Suitable for Years 4 upwards.

Play Course C on

More advanced course. Course D.

Play Course D on

Make sure that you are using repeats.

The Big Picture

What have we done? Everyone has had different experience with coding games, Program The Bot, Code Monkey, Course A or B on

What are we doing? We are playing Course B, C or D on which gets us familiar with blockly coding

Where are we going? This will lead nicely for us to be able to use Scratch or Pictoblox


Understand loops, Repeat and Forever. This saves you using the same code over and over.

Have fun and get ready to code

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