Adam Burfield Enterprise Award

FAQ: How do I take part?

If you want to enter; here is what you should do;

  1. Go to the webpage,, and scroll down until you see these companies.

2. Watch the 5 video briefs, take notes.

3. Choose which company you would like to help.

4. Decide if you would like to work as a team (maximum 4 to 5).

5. Think of innovative ideas that would help the business gain more exposure. What marketing strategies can you use? A new website, social media advertising, etc.

6. Present your idea, using a PowerPoint, canva or video.

7. Get feedback of your idea from friends, teachers or parents

8. Make improvements

9. Apply at the website. the presentation

Deadline is 1st June, but aim to finish ahead the week before. 25th May 2022. That gives you time to make extra adjustments and it looks professional.

Remember, only apply when you have completed your presentation and get help from a teacher.

The Companies

Desert Dwellers

What do they do? They are about to open a new desert camp

What do they want? To provide a marketing strategy for the new camp.


What do they do? Quality online sandals for women, made in Italy

What do they want? Fresh ways to spread the word about Sandaly through an online event

Print Art Crow

What do they do? Printing and graphic design, product boxes

What do they want? They are new to the UAE, so they want to find more customers (clients) in the UAE through social networking


What do they do? High Quality Truffles

What do they want? A marketing strategy to make younger people more aware of the truffles

Speedy Spanners

What do they do? Vehicle repairs, American and German

What do they want? Marketing campaign,look at the competition and find ways that Speedy Spanners can stand out from the rest.

Have a look at this lesson to help get get you started with initial ideas

Enterprise and Innovation

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