Where Does The Bot Go? (Unplugged Game Version)

In this lesson, we will play a group game of Program The Bot : Where Does The Bot Go?

Lesson Objective: Coding introduction

Put together a sequence of arrows to move a robot around a grid.

Click and drag the direction arrows (using the mouse) to the sequence grid


Yellow – Left

Green – Right

Blue – Up

Red – Down

Task: Use the arrow keys to direct the robot towards the given shape

Click Here to Play Where Does The Bot Go?


The Rules

Each table has a team captain.

Only one person from each team can come up to the board.

First answer or attempt is final.

Points deducted for arguing with team members.

1 point given for each correct answer.

In the event of a a tie, the match will be decided by a tie breaker

Success Criteria

We had fun and were respectful

We looked at a sequence of instructions to see what shape the robot will go to

We may have won, we may not have won, but we learned how to play

My team was harmonious

Video interludes

The game is fun, but we may need a video break. Let’s watch this health and safety video.

Do you think it is a good idea for teachers to wear high visibility vests?

Another video interlude

We the Digital Citizens

Why not play Program The Bot at home?

Click here to play Program The Bot : Make Words

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