Digital Citizenship (Year 2) Internet Traffic Light


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand that being safe online is similar to staying safe in real life.
  • Learn to identify websites and apps that are “just right” and “not right” for them.
  • Know how to get help from an adult if they are unsure about a website.

Learning Outcome: Draw your own Internet Traffic Light

Key Vocabulary: caution, just right

caution: being careful

just right: something that is appropriate or fitting


Discussion / Game

The teacher will read the following statements

  • You went to the Games-o-Rama website by accident and a stranger sent you a message asking for your name and age.
  • The Wacky Bunny site is funny! Even your grandma thinks it’s just right for you.
  • You are searching for pictures of hearts but come across a site that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • You visit a site about our solar system but the words are hard to read.
  • A site for your favorite TV show has fun things for kids your age to do.
  • There’s a kids sports site you visited that allows people to chat with each other.
  • You’re on a game site where a screen pops up and asks for your email address.
  • Your teacher tells you to visit a site where you can learn things about giraffes.
  • You watch a funny video but notice the videos next to it look like they’re for big kids.

Task: Draw your own Internet Traffic light

Sing song

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