Make a Maze Game in PowerPoint

Yes, that’s right. It is possible to make a fun maze game using PowerPoint. It is simple if you follow the steps, but with practice, you can make more complicated levels.

Lesson Objective: Use application software to make a maze game. Use Insert > Action.

Lesson Outcome: Make at least one level with one bend.

You will need 4 slides

Slide 1 : Introduction / Splash Screen

Slide 2 : The puzzle

Slide 3 : You Lose

Slide 4 : You Win

Slide 1: The introduction slide / Splash screen. This must contain a start button.

Slide 2 : The Puzzle. Note that the Start button is in exactly the same place as Slide 1. This is important.

Slide 3 : You Lose. Where the user will go if he does not complete the maze.

Slide 4 : You Win. Congratulations.

Making Slide 1

I will link the start button to slide 2

……then choose Mouse Click Hyperlink to Next Slide

Before I make slide 2, I will make slides 3 and 4, You Lose and You Win.

Now let’s make the puzzle on slide 2.

The start button is copied and pasted from Slide 1 in exactly the same place.

I have then chosen a rectangle shape and filled the whole page black. I will then send this to the back.

I have used the rectangle shape tool again to make my path. I have chosen sky blue.

I make a finish button.

Now let’s hyperlink 2 things….

Black background to You Lose

Finish button to You Win

I select the black background shape and go to Insert > Action

This time, I will select Mouse Over

I will then choose the You Lose slide

I will also need to link from the Finish Button.

I select the Finish button and go to Insert > Action

Go to mouse over

….and select the You Win slide

You can now adapt your game, you can make more levels and make them much harder.

Have fun and enjoy this task.

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