Star Wars Hour of Code on

Lesson Objective : Introduction / Refresher to Coding

Arranging blocks of code so that they make a sequence of instructions

Using repeat and forever loops

Conditional statements (if-then)

Lesson Outcome

Go through all the levels of Star Wars Galaxy of Code.

The Big Picture

What have we done? We have used and / or Scratch to code, using blockly

What are we doing? We are refreshing ourselves with basic Coding concepts

Where are we going? We will be using Scratch and Pictoblox

Video Introduction

Click Here to Play Star Wars Galaxy of Code

Move the BB8 robot towards the metal using the blocks, When Run, Up, Down, Left, Right

Success Criteria

Some Success : Complete levels 1-6 of Galaxy of Code

Better Success : Completing Level 7 onwards (IF, code that gives the user control)

Extra Success : Complete the whole game and start Course C

Want more practice?

Try Course C on

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