: Course A

Learning Objectives:

Introduction to block programming (Blockly)

Move blocks so that they make a sequence of instructions

Learning Outcomes : Get familiar with block programming by playing Course A

The Big Picture

What have we done? We have already played some online coding games, Program The Bot and Code Monkey

What are we doing? We are playing Course A, blockly coding

Where are we going? We will eventually be able to use apps like Scratch or Pictoblox

Task 1 : Watch the video, My Online Neigbourhood

Task 2 : Learn to Drag and Drop

Click here to play

Task 3 (Lesson 4) : Sequencing with Scrat

Click Here to Play

Success Criteria

1. Navigate through to find Course A

2. Go through level 2. Learn to Drag and Drop

Extra Success

3. Go complete level 4 and beyond

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