Digital Citizenship (Year 2) Pledge to Be Our Best Online and STOP Online Meanness

Digital Citizenship: Be Our Best Online

These resources were originally put together in November 2020 during anti-bullying week. They have been taylored for Year 2 but extra resources are added for other years.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what online meanness can look like and how it can make people feel
  • Identify ways to respond to mean words online, using S-T-O-P

Lesson Outcomes

Discuss ways to put a STOP to Online meanness

Practical Tasks

Interland Kind Kingdom

Online Bullying Word Search

E-Volve on Common Sense Digital Passport

Starter Discussion

What can you do if you someone is mean to you.

Put a STOP to online meaness

S: Step away

  • Why do you think you should stop using your device and step away?

T: Tell a trusted adult

  • If someone makes you feel angry, sad, or scared online, which grown-ups can you tell and ask for help? 

O: OK sites only

  • Why is it important to go online only with an adult, or when an adult says it is OK?

P: Pause and think

  • Would it be helpful to talk to the person who was being mean?

Practical Tasks

Cyberbully Word Search

Click Here to Start

Kind Kingdom

Click Here to Start

Success Criteria

Success : I complete the Word Search and some of the Kind Kingdom puzzles

Even Better Success : I can complete all of Word Search and most of the Kind Kingdom puzzles

Extra Super Success : I can play E-Volve and gain a certificate

E-volve on Digital Passport by Common Sense Education

Click Here to Start

Extra Task

Click here for more tasks

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