Typing Practice Links

These links are for the typing practice. Have fun and see how you do. You can receive instant feedback when you have finished.

Year 2

There's no two ways about it: phrases with the number two. – About Words –  Cambridge Dictionary blog

Year 3

The 20's Tim Conkle: Three Requirements for Running a Successful MSP –  Channel Futures

Year 4

238,265 Four Stock Illustrations, Cliparts and Royalty Free Four Vectors

Year 5

3d number 5 in blue glass stock illustration. Illustration of black -  6205630

Thank you for taking part in this. We are looking to see if

  1. We have the right amount of questions
  2. If the average scores are different from a multiple choice test
  3. If this will work for future assessments
  4. improve your typing skills and literacy levels

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