MS Paint – How Technology Makes You Feel


Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the different kinds of feelings they can have when using technology.
  • Know what to do when they don’t have a good feeling when using technology.

Learning Outcome:

  • Use MS Paint or any other drawing package to create happy and sad faces

Key Vocabulary: pause, vocabulary

pause: to stop what you’re doing or saying

uncomfortable: causing a feeling of hurt or worry

You are looking for pictures of hearts, so you search “love.” But you end up on a site that looks like it’s for grown-ups. 

How do you feel? What should you do?

You’re watching a show that is supposed to be for kids.  But there is a really scary character that you don’t like. 

How do you feel? What should you do?


Draw or create and Emoji Stick

Choose the one that best describes how you feel after using technology

If you are at home or in a computer laboratory, you can use a graphics software to create.

To access MS Paint, you will need a desktop or laptop computer

If you are using a tablet, such as iPad, then you can use an online drawing tool such as Doodle Pad on Digipuzzle. However, to get the best out of Computing / ICT, it is best to use a proper computer.

Note : If you start a drawing, but you want to start again, go to File > New

Don’t Save

Useful tools on MS Paint



Fill with Colour


Add writing (Text)

Success Criteria

  1. I can use the shapes and line tool
  2. I can use the fill with colour tool to paint
  3. I can put the shapes together to make a drawing
  4. My drawings are coloured
  5. I have used some text
  6. I can explore MS Paint on my own and find extra things I can do

How Technology Makes You Feel : Unplugged / Online Version

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