MS Word & E-Safety – That’s Private


Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise the kind of information that is private.
  • Understand that they should never give out private information online.
  • Use a word processor to make a list of things that should be kept private

Learning Outcomes:

Use a Word Processor (MS Word) to write a list of things that should be kept private online

The Big Picture

What have we done? We have a some practice using a word processor

What are we doing? We going to write a list of things that should be kep private when going online

Where are we going? We will expand on our use of application skills

Starter Task : Which of these is ok to share?

  • Your favorite ice cream flavour
  • What you ate for dinner last night
  • Your home address
  • Your best friend’s favorite movie
  • Your mum’s phone number
  • Your password

These are the things we should not share online

  • Picture
  • Full name
  • Age
  • Birth date
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address (or parents’ email address)
  • Passwords
  • Where they go to school or after school
  • Parents’ full names
  • Where their parents work
  • Parents’ credit card or bank account number

Key Word Processing Skills

  • Change font type, size, colour
  • Using the Enter key
  • Using the shift key to make special characters (e.g. question mark)
  • Checking for spellings and grammar (red and blue squigly lines)

How to open MS Word


To start : Open MS Word or Google Docs

1. Important : Write your name at the top of the page

2. Make a list of things that should not be shared online (private information)

3. Make sure that you are using the correct punctuation

4. Change the font type, colour and size

Success Criteria

Some Success – Part of the poem has been typed and there are spelling mistakes. A little attempt has been made to change font type, colour or size

Success – Nearly all of the text is typed, punctuation is mostly correct. There is some evidence of change of font type, colour and size

Super Success – The whole poem is typed, punctuation is correct and every line has a different font type, colour and size

Socrative Plenary

If you are attending the live sessions, you will be asked to tell me how you did.

Room Name : XFUTURE

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