Digital Citizenship (Year 2) How Technology Makes You Feel


Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the different kinds of feelings they can have when using technology.
  • Know what to do when they don’t have a good feeling when using technology.

Learning Outcome:

  • Read the poem, Do You Ever Feel, as a class
  • Draw an emoji to describe how you feel when have finished using technology

Key Vocabulary: pause, vocabulary

pause: to stop what you’re doing or saying

uncomfortable: causing a feeling of hurt or worry

How do you feel when you’ve spent too much time inside on a rainy day?

You are looking for pictures of hearts, so you search “love.” But you end up on a site that looks like it’s for grown-ups. 

How do you feel? What should you do?

You’re watching a show that is supposed to be for kids.  But there is a really scary character that you don’t like. 

How do you feel? What should you do?


Needed : Card, stick, scissors and glue

Draw or create and Emoji Stick.

Choose the one that best describes how you feel after using technology

If you are at home or in a computer laboratory, you can use a graphics software to create.


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