Digital Citizenship (Year 4) Rings of Responsibilty

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Learning Objectives:

  • Examine both in-person and online responsibilities.
  • Describe the Rings of Responsibility as a way to think about how our behavior affects ourselves and others.
  • Identify examples of online responsibilities to others.

Key Vocabulary: community, digital citizen, responsibility

community: a group of people who share the same interests or goals

digital citizen: someone who uses technology responsibly to learn, create, and participate

responsibility: a duty you have to yourself or others

  1. What responsibilities do you have to yourself?
  2. What responsibilities do you have to your community?
  3. What responsibilities do you have to your world?


Handout or adapt the task.

Adapted Task : On your whiteboard, draw the rings. Shade the rings that applies from the statements below. Alternative adaptation: Write the number of the statement in the ring.

Which of these statements do you have to yourself, your community or your world?

1. I make careful choices about the media I use.

2. I never call people mean names, online or in-person.

3. I don’t share photos, videos, or information about other people unless I have their permission.

4. I know that not everything I see online is true.

5. I don’t copy or share someone else’s work and say that I created it.

6. I ask an adult I trust before sharing private information online.

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