Introduction to Word Processing

Introduction to MS Word

What is MS Word and what do you use it for? Typing and using the Enter key.

Part 1 : Typing characters and changing font sizes

Task : Open MS Word and type your name. Press enter to go to the next line.

The Big Picture

What have we done? We have got ourselves familiar with the keyboard with online typing games

What are we doing? We getting ourselves familiar with MS Word. We will type words and make the text bigger.

Where are we going? We will be able to write a poem on MS Word and change font type, size and colour

You will need to have MS Word installed on your computer. If you have an Office 365 account, you will have access,

Alternatives : You can use Google Docs

Open MS Word. Go to the window button on the bottom left of the screen and search for Word. Choose your Word app.

Open a new blank document.

Type your name. Press Enter to go to the next line.

You can change the font size

You can change the font type

You can change the font colour

Success Criteria

1. I can type my name more than once

2. I can use Enter to go to the next line

3. I can change the size of my text

4. I can change the colour of my text

5. I can change the font type

Socrative Plenary

If you are attending the live sessions, you will be asked to tell me how you did.

Room Name : XFUTURE

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