Drawing a Robot

Using MS Paint

Alternative online option Doodle Pad on Digipuzzle

Drawing a robot

Learning Objective : Use shapes and lines to draw a robot.

Colour the robot using the fill with colour tool.

Task: create your own robot. Colour it in and give it a name.

The Big Picture

What have we done? We have used an online graphics tool to make the flag of the United Arab Emirates

What are we doing? We are using a 2D graphics program to make a robot

Where are we going? We will be using some 2D and 3D graphics programs

Starter Task : Create a UAE Flag using Paint or Doodle Pad on Digipuzzle

Click here for Doodle Pad

Main Task : Draw a robot

You can use Doodle Pad or open Paint

How to find Paint on your computer. Select the windows button on the bottom left of the screen and search for Paint.

Before you start

What should your robot have? Should the design be based on humans?

Or something else?

What shapes will you use?

Use the text tool to add a name.

Success Criteria

  1. I can use the shapes and line tool
  2. I can use the fill with colour tool to paint
  3. My robot has all the parts he need to function (eyes, ears, mouth)
  4. My robot had arms and legs (or is able to move)
  5. My robot had a name and I have used the text tool
  6. My robot has a friend

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