Code Monkey Jr Part II (Sequences and Loops)

Code Monkey Jr Hour of Code

Lesson Objectives : Put together a sequence of arrows to move the monkey to the treasure chest.

Use a sequence on instructions. Use loops to save time.

Skills : Click and drag the direction arrows (using the mouse) to the sequence grid

The Big Picture

What have we done? We introduced ourselves to Coding by playing Program The Bot. We put together a sequence of instructions.

What are we doing? We are continuing to put together sequence of instructions.

Where are we going? We will use repeat loops to save us using too much code.

Click here for Code Monkey Jr Hour of Code

Task: Part 1 Sequences

1. You need to use the arrow keys to collect the bananas before going to the treasure chest

2. Place the arrows in the grid using your mouse to capture all the bananas then followed by the treasure chest.

3. You may need to use the up direction arrows.

3. Press the green play button to test

Part 2 Loops

In this round, use the loop block to repeat the instruction.

Success Criteria

1. Success : I can complete all of part 1, sequences

2. Super Success: I can complete some of part 2 and use loops to save meusing code

3. Extra Success : I can complete all the puzzles of the loops level

Did you enjoy Code Monkey?

Was it too easy or too hard?

If it was too hard, why not play Program The Bot Additions?

Click here to play Program The Bot : Additions

Extra task: If you have finished, try Course A on

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