Stop Motion Animation – Health, Safety & E-Safety

I was asked to make a series of videos relating to Health, Safety and E-Safety. I’m not really a filmographer, but I couldn’t get the idea of making stop motion animation out of my head.

I grew up with Morph, the animated plastecine character. I was fascinated how this was made. So, I drew inspriation from this and started to make some storyboards. I then grabbed the iPad with an app called Stop Motion Studio.

The Left Laptop

“The Left Laptop” was the first one I shot. I thought that this could be something that could be made quite easily.

However, the next video, “The Yellow Bins” involved a lot more work. There were lots of shots that were rejected. In fact, I virtually reshot the whole sequence.

The Yellow Bins

I was then trying to make a video about running in the corridors. However, this was proving to be much more challenging, to the point where I decided to leave it for another day.

However, I did end up shooting some pictures of the Yellow Wet Floor signs. I had enough to put together another video.

The Wet Floor

I took a week’s break from filming, as I was busy with “other stuff.”

I had planned to make a video about walking safely up and down the stairs. However, the idea of the bag on the floor came to me, so I went with that.

Bag on the Floor

I wanted to make a series of 6, before I made changes to the style of the videos. One thing I see too often, is students raising the monitors so high, that they are looking up at the screen. I wanted to make a video about this.

The Monitor That Was Raised Too High

Finally, I noticed that many teachers were going out on duty without a high visibility jacket. So I decided to make an appearance in the next video.

I did consider using the skeleton that was hiding in the science cupboard.

The High Visibility Vest

So there we are. My first set of Health, Safety and E-Safety videos. I hope you enjoyed them.

Here is some more information about stop motion animation.

Stop Motion Studio App

Use your mobile device to make Stop Motion animation. Download Stop Motion Studio.

Apple Store

Google Play Store

Thank you for watching.

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