Red Roses

There is a knock at the door.

“Why doesn’t anyone ever use the doorbell?” asked Robot 2

“Does it matter?” said Robot 1.

Anyway, Robot 1 goes to answer

“Roses, for Robot 1.”

“Wow, I got roses, I’ve never got roses before. Somebody loves me.”

Robot 32, the bearer of the roses is curious.

“Is it possible to be in love?”

“Somebody has got me roses,” said Robot 1. “They did that for a reason. Who sent them?”

“I don’t know,” said Robot 32. “I’m just the delivery bot.”

“No note?” asked Robot 1

“No note,” replied Robot 32

“This is an exciting mystery,” said Robot 1.

“Good for you,” said Robot 32. “I’m glad to have brought some cheer. However, I have more to deliver.”

“More lucky robots,” said Robot 1.

“Don’t forget to put them in water,” said Robot 32. “Have a great rest of the day.”

Robot 1 had never had flowers before. How do you put the flowers in water? Bath? Sink? Swimming pool? No idea.

Thankfully, Robot 1 can search online.

“I need a vase,” said Robot 1

“I have one,” said Robot 2.

“Have you ever been given flowers before?” asked Robot 1

“No,” replied Robot 2.

“Then, why have you got a vase?”

“It’s been here since we moved in. It’s in the inventory.”

Robot 1 took the vase and filled it with water. He placed the roses in carefully. Of course, he needs to take a picture and put it on social media.

“Somebody loves me, but I don’t know who.”

A week later, Robot 1 wonders if his secret admirer will ever be revealed.

The doorbell rings again

“Delivery,” said Robot 32.

“Wow,” said Robot 1. “Somebody loves me.”

“It’s not flowers this time,” said Robot 32

“I wonder what it is?”

This time, the parcel is flat and square.

“It’s a record. The greatest romance songs ever by various artists.”

Robot 2 comes to the door.

“This is a very boring story.”

“Are you jealous?” asked Robot 1.

“No. The story is boring. It’s not going anywhere.”

“You are jealous,” said Robot 32

“No, it’s very boring.” said Robot 2. “What’s worse, is that I know how it ends.”


“You accidentally sent yourself flowers and a record. You have no secret admirer.”

Robot 1 cannot believe what he hears. He reacts by shutting down.

“That wasn’t very nice,” said Robot 32. “Why did you say that?”

Robot 2 feels overwhelming guilt.

“What have I done?”

“Something very stupid,” responded Robot 32. “I also know how the story ends. Yes, Robot 1 did accidentally order flowers. But eventually, it turns out that subsequent actions leads to finding true love “

“Oh no,” said Robot 2. “What can I do to awaken Robot 1?”

“You’ll figure it out,” replied Robot 32.


Thank you for reading. I love writing fiction stories. I shall be upgrading my website in the near future.

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