MS Word Bits

Unplugged Lesson / Test Revision

Look at the above graphic.

Where would I need to go if I wanted to;

  1. Change Font
  2. Change Font Colour
  3. Change Font Size
  4. Text Highlight Colour
  5. Change Text to Bold
  6. Change Text to Italics
  7. Change Text to Underline
  8. Left Align Text
  9. Centre Align Text
  10. Right Align Text
  11. Cut
  12. Copy
  13. Paste

Typing Skills : Ask yourself, why is it good to practice typing?

Microsoft Office Applications

MS Word
Good for writing letters
MS PowerPoint
Perfect for presentations
MS Excel
Spreadsheets are amazing
MS Publisher
To make that eye catching leaflet
MS Access
Make a professional database

E-Safety and Strong Passwords

  1. What makes a strong password?
  2. Why is it important to have a strong password?

Please also have a look at this task

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